PS Vita Chip R4

PSVita R4 JailbreakPlayStation Vita R4 Jailbreak Chip.
Enable Homebrew Apps and 3rd party Games as well as install any Android apk file on your jailbroken PSVita.

PS Vita R4 Chip - R4i 3DS / R4 DS for PlayStation Vita consoles

There are many websites that claim they provide the best PlayStation Vita modchips but a PSVita players must also do some researches and interviews with other PS Vita players to find out which is indeed the most reliable and dependable company. The websites that offer PS Vita modchips also share important information such as the comments and testimonials from the PlayStation Vita owners who have been in the same shoes. Most comments talk about their experiences and fun in playing with the games while some PSVita lovers talk about their sad stories. These comments and testimonials are very helpful as to making an informative decision.unlocked psvita r4

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Some websites even let SONY PlayStation Vita players register and create an account. Members can have the privilege to be the first ones to get the PS Vita modchips and other interesting things about PS Vita modchips and games. Some PlayStation Vita players reported that a PSVita player can also launch ISO files from a memory stick without the use of PS Vita modchips but most PlayStation Vita players contradict to the said report as it has always been highly recommended to use PSV modchips. Some PS Vita owners prefer to use a PSV modchips as they would need to purchase a SONY PlayStation Vita memory card that may be twice or thrice the price of the PSV’s original memory stick.

Some PS Vita owners even recommend downgrading the program for the PSV. Some software are said to be able to download a PSV from a 2.5 or 2.6 version down to 1.5. Some PS Vita players still prefer to use a PSV modchips that will let a PSV console to have the official manufacturer’s application or firmware. A popular website also shows comments from customers who prefer to dump games to their PS Vita’s memory stick for the reason of practicality and not having to buy any other costly things for their SONY PlayStation Vita consoles. There are many local stores and online stores and websites that are offering PS Vita modchips. An individual just needs to make sure that she keeps the receipt for returns and exchanges.

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